Pop Smoke Height, Age, Career, and Death Investigation


In 2018, a rapper from the United States gained popularity thanks to his fantastic lyrics and distinctive drill sound. Even after his tragic death, his songs are still adored by listeners all over the world. His musical senses allowed him to have a big impact on both music and art. Pop Smoke, a rapper, was tragically killed less than two weeks after the release of his mixtape. Pop Smoke was born in New York on July 20, 1999, under the name Bashar Barakah Jackson. He was slain in a Los Angeles home invasion. To know more about him, keep reading the complete article.

Pop Smoke Early Life:

He was the son of Greg Jackson, a Panamanian, and Audrey Jackson, a Jamaican. He was raised in a neighborhood church where he played the African drums and attended nine different schools in his early years. His life abruptly changed when he was kicked out of the eighth-grade school for bringing a gun to class. Due to the charge of gun possession, he was placed under house arrest for two years. He began playing basketball and attending Rockton Academy at first, but he was forced to quit after receiving a heart murmur diagnosis, and he eventually turned to the streets.

Pop Smoke Height and Weight:

Before the event that claimed his life, the Brooklyn-born rapper Pop Smoke was reported to be 5.10 inches tall and 73 kg in weight. Every time he made an appearance in front of his followers, he used to wear spectacles. His body was fairly toned. In addition, he had ear piercings and tattoos on his arms.

Pop Smoke Career:

He revealed a fact concerning his name during an interview. The words “Poppa” and “Smocco Guwop” were combined to create his name. His grandmother gave him the name Popa, and as a child, he went as Smocco Guwop. 2018 saw him enter a studio and start rapping. He signed with Republic Records and Victor Victor globally in April 2019. The song “Welcome to the Party” was published on April 23, 2019, and you can find it at Pop Smoke Height. In July 2019, he released his mixtape, Met the Woo. He used a coupe to record his hit tracks, such as “War” and “100K.” He also collaborated with Skepta and Nicki Minaj on mixtapes. His first appearance on Billboard was “Gatti,” however he went dead on February 19, 2020.

His Murder:

He was murdered on February 19, 2020, at 4:30 PM, during a home invasion in Holywood Hills, when he was asleep in an Airbnb. Five unidentified individuals entered through a balcony, one of them carrying a weapon and donning a mask. They fired three shots of pop smoke and threatened a woman with a revolver. When the police came, they discovered Jackson had been shot many times. After a few hours, he was pronounced dead. Greenwood Cemetery is where Pop Smoke was interred.


We lost a wonderful 20-year-old artist on February 19 2020 but his death facts are still unknown. LAPD started an investigation, but witnesses in the house didn’t provide exact information. Moreover, COVID-19 19 also added difficulties in finding out the murders.


To sum up, Pop Smoke’s sudden passing had a significant impact on the music business. His distinctive sound and lyrics were the driving forces behind his success and global fan base. Pop Smoke’s path to stardom began with legal troubles and expulsion from school. His career was taking off thanks to his number-one albums and chart-topping hits, which demonstrated his influence on the music business. However, after being shot during a home invasion in the Hollywood Hills, his promising destiny took an unexpected turn. The LAPD initiated an investigation, but COVID-19 made it more challenging. People and the music industry still fail to recognize Pop Smoke’s influence on art and music.His fame persists because his work has an enduring resonance, and his admirers continue to appreciate his attempts to create a fine music genre for them. A profound reminder of both the transient essence of life and the lasting impact of a great artistic genius, his passing has left a hole.

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